Business Opportunity

Business Opportunity             

Are you ready to unlock your financial abundance and achieve all your goals and have the life you’ve always been dreaming of?

Do you ever dream about an income cashflow that improves your lifestyle and gives you the freedom to spend more time with your family and friends?

Are you dreaming a life that will enable you to live life on your own terms with self-reliance, luxury, social respect and professional recognition?

Are you searching for an opportunity which gives you the ability to stay healthy, stay socially active and gives you a life full of freedom and choice, happiness and personal satisfaction?


Lets us introduce you to our ShoppeBiz Business Opportunity, it began with a vision to provide a life changing opportunity to change your life for the better and give you access to all your dreams and inspire the next generation to change the world with the help of digital technology and power of network.


Why ShoppeBiz


§   ShoppeBiz is the best & revolutionary e-commerce company in India.

§   We have built the unique way of creating wealth in e-commerce industry.

§   ShoppeBiz helps every individual to learn how easy it is to sell products online and earn life-changing residual commission.

§   It can save money, energy and time as well and bring massive results to everyone for lifetime.

§   ShoppeBiz provides trusted and premium quality products in India.

§   One-time purchase of product to become a ShoppeBiz Brand Ambassador.

§   Easy way to get started and start earning money from day one.

§   ShoppeBiz is the future of e-commerce marketing business in India.


Compensation Plan


We’ve perfected our compensation plan and believing our business we can say it is the most easiest and successful method to earn money & create wealth. It has rejuvenated the e-commerce marketing industry with its new way of networking and concept. You can become the ShoppeBiz Brand Ambassador by purchasing product for Rs.300/- where you get one discount coupon of 300 INR and one cashback voucher of 300 INR.

You can use these coupons when you shop with ShoppeBiz fashion products and avail great discounts and cashback deals.


HOW TO USE COUPONS: If you are purchasing a product worth Rs.1000, you can apply the discount coupon of 300 INR so, the total bill you need to pay is Rs.700 (30% Discounts). You can also apply the cashback voucher code and get extra 300 INR cashback after the purchase. So the total and actual amount you have paid Rs.400 for that product thus you are saving Rs.600/- in total.


After you become the ShoppeBiz brand ambassador (SBA), all you have to do is refer THREE friends who can refer their THREE friends and duplicate the same in your genealogy…  

Affiliates Terms & Conditions

•          Any individual or corporation can enrol and become a ShoppeBiz Brand Ambassador by purchasing shopping

        vouchers for 300 minimum and above, Excluding Taxes.


•           No membership fee, anyone can register free in our website with Name, Email, Mobile Number, PAN card &

         Bank Account. Per individual only one account is allowed. If someone get caught deny our rules, our team will

         terminate his/her ID immediately.


•          All incomes are based on successful sales. Earnings are directly credits to SBA member wallet. 


•          All purchase made by the member through payment gateway applied with Tax and a small bank charge.


•          Withdrawals are proceed daily, Monday-Friday on working days. It takes upto 24-48 hours to be verified and credited to

         your any bank account.


•           As per the Govt. Of India rules & regulation on every withdrawal 5% TDS&TC will be deducted and 10% Service charge


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